The truth about why Fetty Wap fell off – Fetty Wap was hands down one of the hottest new rappers back in 2015. His ”Trap Queen” song was the record that introduced Fetty to the entire world – and things were looking extremely bright for Fetty. Many people were calling him ”the next big sound” after he became this new superstar in rap – but things changed quite fast for Fetty Wap. Around that same time he blew up, another artist who share the same qualities as Fetty Wap musically also blew up – and the artist is Post Malone. Fast forward to 2017, Fetty is nowhere to be seen or heard, and Post Malone is everywhere. But what happened to Fetty Wap? And why didn’t he keep his buzz going? What could’ve Fetty Wap done different to be in the position Post Malone is in today? That’s what I talk about in this video.


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