Sick City was created for people who love the unique, appreciate the extraordinary, and enjoy quality entertainment. There is no suitable word for what we do.


Sick City Media kicked off in the year 2013 with the dream to give an extraordinary touch to every audio and visual that comes from us.

It is a media company that helps expose thoughts, ideas, sounds and images to the world. We are dedicated to ensuring that your audios, visuals and designs don’t only send the appropriate message its intended but also reaches every individual with the well spelt out information.

At Sick City Media we help you connect with the world through our expertise on audios and visuals..

The Audio which we call Sick City Classics specializes on music production, mixing and mastering of records to industry standard.
The visual which is Sick City TV deals with Music Videos, Wedding Documentaries, Commercials, Online Promotions and Photography. Sick City also develops and builds Websites and Web Platform Softwares.
Our Customers are our priority. We work with Individuals, Business Owners and Organizations, ensuring that you get the desired result at a very affordable rate.
We help bring a unique perspective to the services we render at Sick City Media. Well, what can we say, we help give you the sickly terrific touch.
At Sick City, we use the media to take you to a realm of places you’ve never been. All you have to do is try us.

Traditional media does not fit, though our products and services are timeless. We try to be stable and consistent enough in providing quality services. With love for unique creativity it only affects the approach. The only thing we do is express our passion. We always create a piece of individual quality to life and we love our clients.

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